Bases de données

Bases de données

L’Atlas africain des technologies civiques (base de données) est une collection vivante d’initiatives de technologies civiques en Afrique. Cette base de données est destinée à la communauté des technologies civiques et peut être utilisée dans le cadre de recherches, d’articles et d’autres activités. Vous pouvez y ajouter votre projet, initiative ou organisation civic tech et trouver d’autres organisations civic tech de plus de 30 pays africains qui utilisent la technologie et d’autres méthodologies pour résoudre des problèmes civiques.
Cette collection d’études de cas sur les technologies civiques africaines est une ressource dédiée au partage des leçons et des apprentissages des innovateurs africains. Nous espérons que cette ressource aidera la communauté à comprendre ce qui se passe dans le domaine de la technologie et de l’innovation civiques en Afrique. Il s’agit d’un espace pour apprendre et partager des conseils, des expériences, des réussites et des défis auxquels sont confrontés les innovateurs africains en matière de technologies civiques.
Découvrez nos bases de données ci-dessous !
  • Sema Tanzania

    Sema Tanzania

    Sema Tanzania is a citizen-to-government civic technology built to empower democratic participation through polling, ideation, Forums for collaboration, and access to digital learning. The platform aims to […]

  • Centres4Her


    Centres4Her is a digital platform that is designed by innovators in order to link survivors of violence to available Gender-Based Violence prevention and response services in the […]

  • CaseFile


    CaseFile is a digital case management system that helps caseworkers manage large amounts of information, track clients, and make managing cases more efficient and effective. With CaseFile, […]

  • CITE


    CITE endeavours to promote novel techniques of civic engagement through the utilisation of technology, thereby fostering citizens’ interest in public data and stimulating discussions aimed at enhancing […]

  • Lelapa AI

    Lelapa AI

    Are you looking for the best language models in Africa? Lelapa AI is building them. Lelapa.AI is a socially-grounded Africa-centric AI research & product lab built upon […]

  • YoMobi


    YoMobi is a digital tool suite that can help to address multifaceted challenges related to youth development, unemployment, and bridging the digital divide for civil society organizations. […]

  • SafeBangle Bracelet

    SafeBangle Bracelet

    SafeBangle’s innovative safety bracelets are equipped with advanced features, including real-time location tracking to quickly locate individuals in distress, discreet communication channels using a panic button to […]



    SKIKA is a tech-based solution that re-imagines civic engagement – the SKIKA Mobile Application. This App brings innovation to the governance space, making public information conveniently accessible […]

  • ‘Talk Peace’: Freedom of expression in Cameroon

    ‘Talk Peace’: Freedom of expression in Cameroon

    ‘Talk Peace’: Freedom of expression in Cameron by ADISI-Cameroun aims for an  Africa with more open institutions. An open Institution that promotes peace and equity for inclusive […]

  • Tomorrow’s Africa by us, for us!

    Tomorrow’s Africa by us, for us!

    The African League of Cyber-Activists and Bloggers for Democracy, commonly known as AfricTivistes, is the union of bloggers and web-activists from the continent and its diaspora to […]

  • Entrepreneurship and innovation in Chad

    Entrepreneurship and innovation in Chad

    “Chad Innovation represents a community of young volunteers, Chadians and foreigners, entrepreneurs, executives, students whose objective is to raise awareness, mobilize, engage and equip young Chadians to […]

  • Launchpad for Social Innovators

    Launchpad for Social Innovators

    Innovation is the blood that drives our very existence as a community. We see possibilities in every impossibility, solution in every challenge and success in every failure. […]

  • Providing tools to build resilient democracies

    Providing tools to build resilient democracies

    “Democracy Works Foundation (DWF) is a Southern African non-profit company focused on democracy development in the region. With headquarters in South Africa, DWF works through its country […]

  • Leveraging technology, impacting communities, transforming lives

    Leveraging technology, impacting communities, transforming lives

    “The Demography Project is an independent youth-led civic technology and data journalism community based non-profit that undertakes fact-based analysis, visualization and interpretation of demographic data to inform […]

  • The community technology hub dedicated to the development of entrepreneurs

    The community technology hub dedicated to the development of entrepreneurs

    ZongoVation Hub is an innovation and entrepreneurship organization dedicated to accelerating the application of social capital and technology for economic prosperity in Zongo communities Across Ghana. Zongovation […]

  • Trial Monitoring of Corruption Cases

    Trial Monitoring of Corruption Cases

    Trial Monitoring of Corruption Cases is an international award-winning civic tech initiative advocating courtroom openness, data transparency and judicial accountability. The initiative tracks and evaluates corruption cases […]

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